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 Where it all begins!

​But what if the Sky is not the limit?

See What Space X & NASA are exploring

Local flight school network
Professional pilot programs
V R device / Simulator training
Real world experts 

Its time to capture that Dream

We are here to help with aviation ups and downs

Adventure and excitement in aviation  

Networking with local pilots and flight training centers nation wide to bring you a broad prospective of aviation in general. 

Career Building Programs 

Things you must have covered before you start training. 

Reignite your passion for aviation

Already have your wings? 

- Device Development 


- Service and Maintenance

- Relocation
- Restoration

Want to be a pilot? 

Clearwater Flying Club

simulated Space Tours 

Clearwater flying club

innovative flight education and advanced tech aviation resources

The only way to the stars is through the clouds.

Jp Aerospace Taking a different approach

We all have looked at the clouds and imagined being among them. Here is your Chance to soar. 

​Field Support Techs available

Flight training will enrich your life in countless ways. You’ll learn to balance technical training with the freedom of flying toward an endless horizon. You’ll adopt new ways of speaking, navigating, and calculating your position. What initially feels like a complex process will slowly become second nature, and you will always have a great story to tell.

Simulator Training  & Training center services  

Affiliations with the state of the art simulator manufacturing and aeronautical engineering  facilities to guides us in to the future. 

 Level Up!!! take your aviation skills to new heights. 

This fun adventure will opening  a new world of  contacts and potential career opportunities.

- Be 16 years old to fly solo.
- Be 17 years old to receive your pilot certificate.
- Read, speak, and understand English.
- Hold at least a third-class medical certificate for private and recreational certificates. Sport pilots must hold at least a current and valid U.S. driver’s license.

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