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Virtual Reality full Room setup 

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Don't grow up   it's a trap!

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- helicopter, space ships,  Tanks and ground support

- Stealth Fight Jet  war bird Flight sim

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Single seat Fighters Cockpit!


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- Constellation Atlantis Ship Simulator

Work as a TEAM or fend for yourself!

  For those of you who ask how we do 100+ events a year and don't get tired. We do get tired and then we meet a young man like Donavan and that's all the fuel we need. Thank you for helping us do what we do. 


Gaming with a Cause in order to make a better community.
- Play Games, Heal Kids -

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3,000 SF Gaming Room

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5 man crew space ship! 

Florida Fantasy Factory 

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- vr oculus rift

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Star Citizen Ship crew

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